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class notes

Valerie Nieman

Class Notes 2022

Browse updates on fellow alumni like Valerie Nieman (BSJ, 1978) who published her fifth novel, “In the Lonely Backwater,” with Regal House/ Fitzroy Books.

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Class Notes 2021

Browse updates on fellow alumni like Jeff Hertrick (BSJ, 1981) who joined the National Press Foundation and produced the organization’s first virtual awards celebration in February 2021 to honor journalists for their accomplishments.

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Tony Hylton

Class Notes 2020

Tony Hylton (BSJ, 1965) published his first novel, " Enough , " in November. The book covers what happens when a principled brand of journalism collides with a crooked political machine in the fictional southern West Virginia county of Jordan.

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Jewel Hazelton

Class Notes 2019

(MS-IMC, 2017) was named to PRSA Georgia’s 2019 Inaugural “Forty Under 40” class.

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Cori McCulloch

Class Notes 2018

This year marks the 50th Anniversary of “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood,” a children’s television series created and hosted by Fred Rogers.

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